My mission is to share CHIROPRACTIC & YOGA with everyBODY who needs and wants to find more freedom in LIVING in a body that withstands the elements of LIFE, both physically and mentally. I’ve overcome some nasty falls, auto accidents, sports and emotional injuries in my lifetime so I can empathize with others  that might be going through a similar episode in life. These injuries used to knock me down to the floor and emotionally I became unstable with anxiety and chronic pain. These states of being were robbing me of the precious life that God has given me to serve others and to enjoy. I won’t give up helping myself and others to create more stability in their life but it takes continued effort, patience and support to succeed. I’d like to be that support for you.

Combining chiropractic care with yoga has helped me to positively transform my strength, mobility and functionality. It’s a much better BODY to LIVE in.  As I reach my 50’s I know that what I do RIGHT NOW will affect me in the next 10-20 years, just like how I have, mostly recovered from the things I did in my 20’s. I must continue to move my body and be consistent with self-care routines so I can have a more fruitful LIFE NOW and in my later years.  That is what I want for others as well. In a world where things seem to be so fast and so disconnecting, I want to be a catalyst for creating a RECONNECTION to self and others.

Yoga was intimidating for me at first. There were so many alignment principles and instructions to follow on how to maneuver my body correctly in a safe asana (pose).  It doesn't have to be intimidating especially when you have someone like me that can teach you in small groups or one to one coaching. 

I have found Yoga and Chiropractic to be  similar in that they both focus on the spine, mobility, strengthening and functionality. I have always thought that a flexible body and mind who can adapt to all things life throws at us is much better than a rigid and tight be-ing as adapting and changing to accommodate life is much more difficult to achieve in this state.  I have practiced YOGA for close to a couple of decades now and earned my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification to further study my love of this practice and to learn how to better teach others. 

I have been a doctor of CHIROPRACTIC for 15 years and I pride myself in helping and lending my expertise to those  who wish to create more stability in their bodies. Much care should be taken to protect the  spine and joints of the body as they protect our spinal cord and nerves which ultimately can restore malfunctioning systems of the body. 

It’s powerful to connect body & mind emotionally, spiritually and physically. That is what I have gained from my continued practice over the years and I want to hold a safe space for others to experience that for themselves.  In my office or at your home. I got your back :)