2) Emotional imbalances: work, family, marital, financial life stress.
3) Chemical imbalances: unhealthy food choices, pollution, medication.
Chiropractic is a non-invasive and holistic approach to health care. It's a way of living your life. It's the preventative approach you desire. Getting your spine and nervous system checked  allows for the mind, body and spirit to live with better coordination, function and vitality. Chiropractic can help your nervous system be free from interference which then allows your brain to communicate with your organs, muscles, glands and body systems more efficiently. It's about a better life.   Our bodies either ADAPT to stress or they don't. Getting your spine checked and adjusted will ensure that your nervous system is clear and functioning optimally.
Sometimes, these stressors are just a fact of life. However, if your body/nervous system/immune system can adapt, then your body can withstand the negative impacts of these imbalances.  In fact, your body and spirit will WAKE UP and LIVE with more VITALITY  and EXPRESSION for LIFE. As long as there is no interference to our INNATE INTELLIGENCE /  NERVOUS SYSTEM we adapt and THRIVE.
Back and Neck Conditions
​Leg Pain (Sciatica) Knee, Foot and Ankle Pain Shoulder or Elbow Pain Arm or Wrist Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
High blood pressure
1) Structural imbalances: pregnancy, injuries, car accidents, birth traumas.
Your Body is the Room, How Are You Living in it?
What conditions can chiropractic help? Management/Relief of:
Sleep disorders
Chronic Injuries
Repetitive Stress Disorders
Stress and Tension Disorders
There are THREE main stressors our body has to accommodate for: