Love Bomb is a feature documentary produced in January 2014
As many of you know, I traveled to Peru in 2012  to volunteer in an amazing chiropractic service trip with two other doctors and an amazing videographer.  "Love Bomb" is a story about transforming trauma and fear into love and service.  Ultimately this story reveals "what we are capable of" as human beings. From the tragic to the awe inspiring acts of loving service, now known as, "Love Bombs", to our innate capacity to heal, transform and connect.
She is also a member of the Bi-national Health Organization (BHO). BHO organizes a Binational Health Week (BHW), which is a free annual weeklong series of health-promotion and health-education activities focused specifically on the Latino population. Events include health-education workshops, health-care and health insurance referrals, medical screenings, and treatment services. BHW takes place throughout the United States, Mexico, and now Canada.  Lastly, she has also partnered with Healthy Marin Partnership and SMG Foundation to provide a healthier community through education on health, fitness, postural and ergonomic evaluations and chiropractic health and spinal screenings.
Dr. Alex has also committed years of service to the Chiropractic Mission to El Salvador, (Mision Quiropractica Salvadorena). Mission de Quiropracticos was founded by Dr. Juan Campos which founded the mission in the late1980’s. It offers humanitarian support in the form of supplies and chiropractic services to impoverished areas of Central America. Dr. Alejandra’s goal is to one day bring these same services and humanitarian support to Mexico where her parents were born and raised.