Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and to contribute to your team’s wellbeing through the services I offer. My primary objective is to improve the health of the community through education. I have discovered that the best way to achieve this goal is by offering services including informational seminars, health screenings and posture/ergonomic evaluations. I have been involved with many organizations including, Costco Safety week and Safety Health Fairs for years now, while working very closely with Health and Safety Representatives, to help employees and teams strive in their work life. Throughout the years, many employees have asked if it was possible to have a chiropractor on-site to receive bi-monthly visits/adjustments.

My services are available to any business, club, or organization with a desire to become more educated on the subject of health and wellness and injury prevention. There is a growing epidemic in the incidence of repetitive joint injuries, sedentary work lifestyle and overall stress related symptoms such as carpel tunnel, low back and disc degeneration and disturbances and arthritis etc. I want to be a catalyst of help in decreasing the prevalence of this phenomenon.

I do my best to lend my expertise to small and large employers by serving as a consultant on proper ergonomic lifting techniques and computer station set-up, fitness and reducing injury in the workplace. All which lend to an increased productivity among employees, but most importantly contributes to an increased sense of personal worth.

Listed below are the educational services I offered:

Lunch & Learn topics & activities offered:

*Ergonomics for the Workplace (sitting & standing desk, lifting) and a Healthy Life
*“Text Neck” in the age of Technology & how to survive it.
*Lunch time YOGA, stretching & strengthening
*After work YOGA, stretching & strengthening
*“Time with the Doctor.” Gentle Chiropractic assessment and advice about any health concerns
*Fitness Management (fitting stretching and exercise into your lifestyle and at your desk)

Our body is like a computer system. We may have Microsoft Window’s and the applications, Word, Power Point, Excel, but if Window’s is not working correctly, the applications will not work correctly. Our body’s nervous system works in that same way. If it is not functioning correctly, the body’s functions may not work efficiently either. Posture and preventative means will help to overcome dangers in the future especially if your line of work is very labor intensive or sedentary in nature.

My business, The Living Room Chiropractic, specializes in the prevention of conditions that are the leading source of injury among industrial workers, health care personnel, service industry employees and sedentary workers.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for You and Your Employees


Healthy employees are more productive employees, and when time off for sickness and injury can be reduced, workers' compensation and health insurance costs can be decreased as well. In contrast to medical treatment, which can prove difficult and costly especially in neuromusculoskeletal cases.

Doctors of Chiropractic are the most widely accepted providers of spinal treatment, delivering approximately 94 percent of the treatment reimbursed by health care insurance. (Shekelle 1992) Through examination and corrective adjustments, chiropractors treat the abnormally injured, fixated or displaced vertebrae to normalize the body and return it to healthy function.

As far as liability is concerned, I have and am covered by my malpractice insurance. The benefits far out way any drawbacks as a service like this can create happier employees and overall a happier and more productive environment. The cost of these services for a 3-4 hour shift can vary and can be tailored to your needs, depending on number of employees and services offered.

I realize each company is unique and I leave it up to you to know what is most beneficial to your employees. These screenings can improve employee satisfaction, reduce lost workdays, and reduce repetitive stress injuries. I have found that employees that attend these screenings/workshops perceive them as both valuable and enjoyable. Many workers' compensation carriers will reduce premiums once an on-site education program is instituted, if you do not have one on a regular basis already.

Thank you for the opportunity in letting me serve you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.